After reading Mark Manson’s book I realize life in high school is just competing for who gives a fuck about the most useless things. Nerds compete for higher grades which have no intrinsic value. The weeaboos compete for who has the better 2D waifu. The gamers compete for who has the higher hours played, higher rank, higher achievements. The athletes compete to have the higher hours practiced or skill level, just like the gamers. Except the gamers increase virtual attributes while athletes increase real attributes. Some want to look better than others and some want to have more friends. Some want to virtue signal and some don’t want to be seen as wrong. Some are always victims and barely anybody takes responsibility.

Why do we care about the things we care about? Because there’s nothing else to care about.

Change is nice. I like change. Something new, something novel. If it’s for the better, it’s time to change.

I have a friend that doesn’t like change. He likes to do the same things all the time. He doesn’t like trying new things unless it’s a better version of something he already likes. But that’s ok. He’s my friend. I respect other’s point of view and I enjoy doing that as well. He’s been a friend for a very long time.

If he ever decides to change, that’s great. But if he doesn’t then that’s great as well. He’ll continue to be my friend and that won’t change.

Ever hear people ask for an extension for a deadline? Ever hear the excuse, “I’m too busy, sorry.”? What you need instead is more time management and prioritization skills. Now I do know there are a lot of articles and even TED talks out there talking about time management. And…

Everyone is given 24 hours. What are you doing with your time that is different from those that seem productive? How can you make sure you are doing what you really want to do?

“Hold every hour in your grasp”- Seneca

That’s probably gonna be my new favorite quote for…

No one ever feels qualified that what they have to say is right. They think maybe there’s something their missing. And it leads them to not say anything at all. Maybe we’re afraid of being wrong or the consequences of it.

But if we never say what we have to…

Happiness comes and goes. Usually we think that if we get that new phone or new car, or new home, we think, “Then I’ll be happy.” But have you seen anyone happy with their phone a week after they got it? …

Everything in life is a tool. School is a tool we can use to get a good job out of college. School can be a tool to make connections. School can be used to train children to become mindless factory workers doing what they’re told because that’s what school was really for.

Money is a tool to exchange with for goods and services. Experiences can be a tool for further learning. Social media can be a tool to grow our brands. A linchpin is a unique tool that fulfills a specific purpose.

Some tools are inherited. Some are given to us by others and we’re told that it’s important, but they don’t tell us what it’s for. The same tool can be useful and at the same time useless in the wrong hands.

“a man is only as good as his tools” — Emmert Wolf

I think living paycheck to paycheck is not safe. I do think however that working 9–5 is fine. If you love your job that’s fine. One, because it’s not who you are from 9–5, but who you are from 5–9. Two, just like in school, it eats up our time…

Every advice is trite. Every quote is trite. Every self help is trite. Yet there’s a reason for it being trite or cliche.

Applying advice works for some people. Some quotes, maybe from philosophy, have profound meaning yet to be understood by others. …

Everyone should read. It’s a skill, it’s a privilege, and it’s the one of the best ways to learn.

The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them. — Mark Twain, 1895 A.D.

Reading is one of the first things we’re…

Ian Stanford

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